TODAY Tops GMA for 45 Consecutive Weeks in A25-54, Its Best Streak in More Than 3 Years

TODAY Narrows Total Viewer Gap with GMA Versus Prior Year

TODAY Is #1 in Key Demo Season to Date

NEW YORK – June 25, 2024 – NBC News’ TODAY was the number-one morning show last week, topping ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the key demo A25-54, marking its 45th consecutive weekly demo win. TODAY grew its demo lead over GMA by 32% and reduced the total viewer gap by 40% versus the prior year. So far this season, TODAY has closed the total viewer gap with GMA by 59%.  

Season to date, TODAY is the top-rated morning show in the key demo with an advantage nearly six times higher over GMA versus the prior season. This is TODAY’s best key demo start to a season versus GMA in twelve years.

Source: Nielsen, L+SD, 6/17/2024-6/23/2024. Average audience based on regularly-titled telecasts only.


  • TODAY posted its 45th straight week at #1 in A25-54, its best streak in the key demo in over 3.5 years (since December 2020) 
    • Versus prior week, TODAY increased its A25-54 lead over GMA by 54%
  • TODAY has ranked #1 in A18-49 for 46 consecutive weeks, its best streak in 3 years (since May 2021) 
    • TODAY had its best A18-49 advantage vs. CBS in five weeks (since 5/13/2024)
    • Versus prior week, TODAY improved its A18-49 advantages over both GMA (up 7%) and CBS (16% higher)
  • Compared to prior year, TODAY improved its competitive position vs. GMA among A25-54 and total viewers for the 30th consecutive week 
  • Season-to-date through Week 39, TODAY ranks as the #1 morning show in A25-54 and A18-49 

TODAY averaged 527,000 A25-54 viewers, beating Good Morning America by +74,000 (+16%) and leading CBS Mornings  by +138,000 (+35%)

  • TODAY has now been the #1 ranked morning show in A25-54 for 45 consecutive weeks (53 of the last 59 weeks), its longest streak in more than 3.5 years (since December 2020)
  • Week-over-week, TODAY improved its A25-54 viewership advantage vs. GMA by 54% (+74,000 vs. +48,000 prior week) 
  • Compared to the same week last year, TODAY improved its A25-54 advantage vs. GMA by 32% (+74,000 vs. +56,000 prior year) 

TODAY averaged 347,000 A18-49 viewers, beating GMA by +49,000 (+16%) and leading CBS by +109,000 (+46%)

TODAY averaged 2.537 million total viewers, trailing GMA by -150,000 (-6%) and leading CBS by +551,000 (+28%)  

  • TODAY has now beaten CBS across-the-board for 1,662 consecutive weeks (since 8/10/1992)
  • Compared to the same week last year, TODAY reduced its total viewership gap vs. GMA by 40% (-150,000 vs. -251,000 prior year) 

TODAY Digital had 10.4M unique visitors 

  • The brand drove 19.2M video views across on and off net platforms 

2023-24 SEASON-TO-DATE (9/25/2023-6/23/2024)

TODAY is the #1 ranked morning show in A25-54 and A18-49 season-to-date


  • TODAY leads GMA by +124,000 A25-54 viewers, nearly 7 times higher than prior year (+18,000), and is drawing its largest 3NET share of A25-54 viewership in 12 years (2011-12 season)

Total Viewers:

  • TODAY trails GMA by -131,000 total viewers, a 59% gap improvement vs. the same period last season (-323,000)


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