TODAY Tops GMA for 40 Consecutive Weeks in A25-54, Its Best Streak in More Than 3 Years

TODAY Is Only Morning Program to Grow in Total Viewers Year Over Year

TODAY Tops GMA in Total Viewers Wednesday

TODAY Is #1 in Key Demo Season to Date

NEW YORK – May 21, 2024 – NBC News’ TODAY was the number-one morning show last week, topping ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the key demo A25-54, marking its 40th consecutive weekly demo win. TODAY has now won every morning of 2024 in A25-54, its longest unbroken daily demo streak start to the year since 2012. 

Last week, TODAY topped GMA in total viewers Wednesday and was the only morning program to grow in total viewers versus the prior year. Versus the same week last year, TODAY closed the viewer gap with GMA by 89%.

Season to date, TODAY is the top-rated morning show in the key demo with an advantage nine times higher over GMA versus the prior season. This is TODAY’s best key demo start to a season versus GMA in twelve years.

Source: Nielsen, L+SD, 5/13/2024-5/19/2024. Average audience based on regularly-titled telecasts only.


  • TODAY posts 40th straight week at #1 in A25-54, its best streak in the key demo in over three years (since December 2020) 
    • TODAY has now won every morning of 2024 in A25-54 (95 and counting), its longest unbroken daily demo streak to start the year since 2012
  • TODAY finished within 40,000 total viewers of GMA for the third straight week
    • TODAY topped GMA by +44,000 total viewers on Wednesday and has now ranked #1 on 22 mornings in 2024, its highest tally for this point of the year since 2020
    • TODAY was only morning show to increase its total viewer delivery vs. prior year (up +3,000)
  • Compared to prior year, TODAY improved its competitive position vs. GMA among A25-54 and total viewers for the 25th week in a row 
    • TODAY’s A25-54 lead over GMA was 8 times higher vs. the same week last year while its A18-49 lead improved by 46% and it reduced the total viewer gap by 89%
  • Season-to-date through Week 34, TODAY ranks as the #1 morning show in A25-54 and A18-49 

TODAY averaged 635,000 A25-54 viewers, beating Good Morning America by +127,000 (+25%) and leading CBS Morning by +223,000 (+54%)

  • TODAY has outperformed GMA by at least 100,000 A25-54 viewers for 9 straight weeks, 13 of the last 14 weeks, and the 25th time out of 34 weeks this season
  • Week-over-week, TODAY posted the biggest gain of A25-54 viewers among the morning shows (+9,000, up +1%) and improved its A25-54 viewership advantage vs. GMA by 2% (+127,000 vs. +124,000 prior week) and vs. CBS by 8% (+223,000 vs. +207,000 prior week)
  • Compared to prior year, TODAY’s A25-54 lead over GMA was more than 8 times higher (+127,000 vs. +15,000 prior year) while its lead vs. CBS improved by 14% (+223,000 vs. +195,000 prior year)

TODAY averaged 433,000 A18-49 viewers, beating GMA by +105,000 (+32%) and leading CBS by +153,000 (+55%)

TODAY averaged 2.720 million total viewers, leading CBS by +602,000 (+28%)  

  • TODAY was the #1 morning show in total viewers on Wednesday (+44,000 higher than GMA), its 22nddaily victory in 2024 to date
  • Week-over-week, TODAY increased its total viewership by +24,000 (up +1%) and improved its lead over CBS by 18% (+602,000 vs. +509,000 prior week)
  • TODAY was the only morning show to grow its total audience vs. prior year (+3,000) while reducing its viewer gap vs. GMA by 89% (-33,000 vs. -309,000 prior year) and increasing its lead vs. CBS by 41% (+602,000 vs. +426,000 prior year)

TODAY Digital had 10.4M unique visitors 

  • The brand drove 22.6M video views across on and off net platforms 

2023-24 SEASON-TO-DATE (9/25/2023-5/19/2024)

TODAY is the #1 ranked morning show in A25-54 and A18-49 season-to-date


  • TODAY leads GMA by +128,000 A25-54 viewers, over 9 times higher than prior year (+14,000) and its highest 3NET share of A25-54 viewership in 12 years (2011-12 season)


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