Only Newscast to Increase Both A25-54 and A18-49 Viewership Week Over Week 

Marks a 4-Week High in A25-54 Viewership

Narrows Key Demos in Year-Over-Year Measurements vs. ABC

Week of April 3: Ratings Highlights

  • Nightly News is the only evening newscast to increase both A25-54 and A18-49 viewership in week-over-week measurements
  • Nightly News marks a 4-week high in A25-54 viewership with 1.053 million viewers (best since 3/6/23)
  • Nightly News is the #4 most-watched program in all of TV last week in total viewers, averaging 6.691 million total viewers, excluding specials, sports & syndication 
  • Nightly News marks a 5-week high in A18-49 viewership with 738,000 viewers (best since 2/27/23)
  • Nightly News narrows the key demo gaps vs. ABC in year-over-year measurements 
  • Nightly News improves across the board gaps vs. ABC in week-over-week measurements
  • Season to date, Nightly News improves its competitive position versus ABC by 24% in the A25-54 demo compared to the same time period last year

Week of April 3: Nightly Stats

  • Averages 6.691 million total viewers, topping CBS by +1.872 million (+39%)
    • In week over week, Nightly cuts total viewership gap vs. ABC by 19%
  • Averages 1.053 million A25-54 viewers, beating CBS by +257,000 (+32%)
    • Nightly News increases A25-54 viewership by +15,000 vs. last week
    • Nightly News cuts the week-over-week A25-54 gap vs. ABC by 40% 
    • Nightly News narrow the year-over-year A25-54 gap vs. ABC by 45% 
  • Averages 738,000 A18-49 viewers, leading CBS by +223,000 (+43%)
    • Nightly News increases A18-49 viewership by +29,000 vs. last week
    • Nightly News cuts the week-over-week A18-49 gap vs. ABC by 49% 
    • Nightly News narrows the year-over-year A18-49 gap vs. ABC by 49% 
  • Across digital, Nightly delivers 13 million video views and 948.2K hours viewed on & off network platforms 
  • On YouTube, weekday episodes reached 1 million views and 819,000 viewers

WEEK OF APRIL 3-9, 2023

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS1,0537386,691

Note: Ratings now reflect the addition of Out of Home (OOH) viewership that began being measured on Aug. 31,2020 across only 44 markets tracked by Nielsen Media Research. NBC Nightly News, World News Tonight and CBS Evening News’ ratings are comprised of telecasts with regular titling and include afternoon and overnight airings on owned stations. Digital ratings sourcing: Adobe Analytics and Partner Portals; YouTube Analytics Portal.

Nightly News and ABC World News Tonight were both based on 4-day averages (Mon-Thurs). CBS Evening News was based on a 3-day average (Tues-Thurs) due to the Men’s Basketball NCAA Tournament Championship game on Monday.

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