Three-Part Series Delves Into Body Image Issues – Eating Disorders, Steroid Use and Leg Lengthening – Affecting Young Men  

First Episode Now Available on the Stay Tuned YouTube Channel, Click Here to Watch

March 20, 2023 – NBC News’ flagship Gen Z news brand Stay Tuned launches a new three-part series BODY: Young Men & Body Image, examining mental health and body image issues affecting young men, including eating disorders, steroid use and leg lengthening. The first weekly episode, hosted by Stay Tuned co-host Savannah Sellers, is now available on the Stay Tuned YouTube channel. Subsequent episodes will be released on the following two Mondays. 

During the debut episode, Sellers reports on how nearly a third of diagnosed eating disorders affect men. In the second piece of the series, Stay Tuned explores how social media and pop culture are increasingly impacting the use of steroids by young men. Stay Tuned also covers the societal pressures that men face regarding height and the increasingly popular cosmetic leg lengthening surgery in the third part of the series.

Stay Tuned co-host Savannah Sellers leads the BODY: Young Men & Body Image series, which is the first multi-part series since Stay Tuned expanded across YouTube. Posting once weekly on Mondays at 12 p.m. ET, the original content for YouTube expands off of the best-in-class reporting from NBC News, surrounding topics such as Gen Z voter turnout, “quiet quitting,” ChatGPT, “consensual doxxing,” VR’s impact on mental health and more. The NBCU News Group reaches nearly 30 million subscribers across YouTube.

Stay Tuned, NBC News’ flagship Gen Z news brand, now nearing its sixth year, reached 10 million monthly unique visitors across platforms and averaged 36 million monthly episode views on Snapchat and 23 million monthly views on TikTok throughout 2023. The brand is also available across YouTube, reaching nearly 12 million YouTube shorts views since launching at the end of October, as well as digital documentaries and streaming, with the recently launched Stay Tuned NOW with Gadi Schwartz on NBC News NOW. 

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