#FillerNation – a Stay Tuned Production – Airs Today on Stay Tuned’s YouTube 
and NBC News NOW 

The Documentary Features Reporting from NBC News’ Kat Tenbarge 
with Insights from Experts and Medical Professionals

Watch the Trailer Here

(Dec. 2, 2022) – NBC News’ Stay Tuned will present #FillerNation, an all-new documentary short that explores the growing popularity of plastic surgery procedures among young people and its deep ties to social media. #FillerNation launches today, Dec. 2 on Stay Tuned’s YouTube and will also stream at 10:30 p.m. ET on NBC News NOW

Social media has created a generation obsessed with filters, photo-editing tools and impossible beauty standards set by influencers sharing their procedures before the masses – driving young people themselves to go under the knife. Over the past decade, the popularity of plastic procedures such as lip fillers and Brazilian Butt Lifts have skyrocketed fueled by social media influencers who have built massive followings and careers by documenting their own cosmetic procedures before millions.  

But even with more transparency, as influencers take their followers behind the curtain to demystify plastic surgery, they often lack the proper knowledge base or expertise. Influencers are rarely doctors, and the social media beauty space, like many other spaces online, has quickly become full of misinformation.  

“When a company makes a decision to advertise a product, it goes through levels of different people who are all signing off on that decision,” says NBC News tech and culture reporter Kat Tenbarge. “But when an influencer is advertising something, it’s usually just up to them. It raises questions of who’s to blame if something goes wrong.” 

#FillerNation will take a deep dive into the beauty influencer world to explore the pains and gains of seeking beauty through filters and fillers, how social media has increased pressure to augment and enhance, and how this online business model perpetuates a cycle of ignorance and misinformation. 

NBC News Digital reporter Maya Eaglin hosts the 22-minute documentary featuring interviews with experts including board-certified dermatologist to the stars Dr. Dendy Engelman, clinical psychologist Dr. Marianna Strongin, Instagram sensation and med-spa consultant Dana Omari, as well as NBC News tech and culture reporter Kat Tenbarge, who offers key insights into understanding this phenomena. 

#FillerNation launches today, Dec. 2 on Stay Tuned’s YouTube and will also stream at 10:30 p.m. ET on NBC News NOW. NBC News NOW is available on Peacock, Fubo, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Xumo, YouTube, YouTube TV and NBC News’ apps on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV. The documentary is also available on-demand on Peacock and NBCNews.com. 

#FillerNation is produced by NBC News Digital Docs for NBC News’ Stay Tuned. As the longstanding go-to news source for Gen-Z, Stay Tuned continues to grow its offerings as it expands into the documentary space with #FillerNation – going deeper into the stories and topics that are important to young audiences. Along with the expansion into documentaries, Stay Tuned has also launched original content for YouTube and TikTok and continues to build off its longstanding show on Snapchat.

About NBC News Digital Docs

NBC News Digital Docs is an award-winning collection of video journalists within the NBC News Digital organization, producing short form documentary content and feature specials distributed across NBCUniversal News Group platforms and Peacock. Previous projects from Digital Docs include A Marriage on Trial: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and the Truth in the Age of Social Media, examining social media’s impact on the Depp v. Heard trial, and Dear Noah: Pages from a Family Diary, which premiered at DOC NYC 2022. Rachael Morehouse is Executive Producer of NBC News Digital Docs and Shalini Sharma is Executive Editor of NBC News Digital Productions.

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