Following Dateline NBC’s Reporting on the Case of 19-Year-Old Md. Native Anton Black, Meet the Press to Explore the Case’s Implications for National Police Reform

September 1, 2022 — Chuck Todd will anchor a special edition of Meet the Press this Sunday on NBC, looking at national police reform efforts through the lens of a single case of a death in police custody — that of 19-year-old Anton Black in Maryland in 2018.

The special edition will feature recent reporting from an August Dateline NBC special that revealed exclusive details about Black’s case, raised questions about the policing tactics utilized by the officer responsible for his arrest, and the missed warning signs about the officer’s violent past ahead of his hiring. 

Todd will interview experts on policing about each stage of the Black case, from the hiring of the officer to the medical examiner’s decision to rule Black’s death an accident. Guests will include: 

Paul Butler
Albert Brick Professor in Law, Georgetown University Law Center; Former Federal Prosecutor; NBC News Legal Analyst; Author, Chokehold: Policing Black Men

Jason Johnson
President, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

Rebecca Brown
Director of Policy, Innocence Project

Dr. Roger Mitchell
Chair of Pathology, Howard University; Former D.C. Chief Medical Examiner

“The death of a young man named Anton Black in police custody touches on so many fault lines we’ve been debating about policing over the last few years: race, mental health, escalation versus de-escalation, police accountability and the role of the medical examiner, just to name a few,” moderator Chuck Todd says at the top of the broadcast.

The broadcast will also feature a panel discussion on the future of police reform in America, the lessons learned from the tragic circumstances around Black’s death, and the barriers to meaningful change. 

For more information, contact:

Alex Butcher-Nesbitt
NBC News

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