#1 in Key Demo for April

Tops Competition in Demo This Past Sunday

Reaches More Than 10 Million Video Views Across Digital Platforms in April

#1 Most Watched Sunday Show in Washington, D.C. for 85 Straight Months

April 26, 2022 — “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” (MTP) was the #1 most-watched Sunday show in the key demo in the month of April and this past Sunday, April 24, according to Nielsen Media Research. 

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#1 in Key Demo for the Month of April

MTP was #1 in the demo most valued by news advertisers, winning the month among A25-54 viewers. MTP averaged 535,000 A25-54 viewers in April: +5 percent (+24,000) more than ABC’s “This Week” and +10 percent (+48,000) more than CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Compared to last month, MTP reversed its A25-54 gap over ABC (+24,000 vs. -14,000 prior month) and compared to last April, MTP increased its A25-54 lead over CBS (+48,000 vs. +9,000 prior year).

MTP averaged 2.564 million total viewers in April, topping ABC by +4 percent (+107,000). 

Compared to last month, MTP improved its total viewer gap over CBS by 18 percent (-297,000 vs. -361,000 prior month) and reversed its total viewer gap over ABC (+107,000 vs. -116,000 prior month). Compared to last year, MTP improved its total viewer gap over CBS by 13 percent (-297,000 vs. -342,000 prior year) and more than doubled its total viewer lead over ABC (+107,000 vs. +46,000 prior year).

Also Wins Sunday in Key Demo 

MTP was also #1 in the key demo this past Sunday, topping ABC and leading CBS by double digits. MTP averaged 501,000 A25-54 viewers, leading ABC by +35,000 (+7%) and leading CBS by +127,000 (+34%). Compared to last year, MTP widened its A25-54 lead vs. CBS (+127,000 vs. +115,000 prior year) and reversed its A25-54 gap vs. ABC (+35,000 vs. -26,000 prior year).

Sunday’s broadcast, guest moderated by NBC News Chief White House Correspondent and “Weekend TODAY” Co-Host Kristen Welker, featured interviews with Igor Zhovkva, the deputy head of the office of President Zelenskyy and a key Ukrainian diplomatic advisor; Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer; Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.); and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). The broadcast averaged 2.385 million total viewers, 3 percent (+79,000) more than ABC and ranking second behind “Face the Nation,” which continues to rate for only the first 30 minutes of its hour-long broadcast and follows the highly rated “CBS Sunday Morning.”

An additional 214,000 total viewers and 79,000 A25-54 viewers watched the Sunday program through a rebroadcast on NBC.

Reaches More Than 10 Million Video Views Across Digital in April

For the month of April, MTP delivered more than 10 million monthly video views across digital platforms, surpassing the prior year’s performance by double-digits. This marks the show’s seventh consecutive month of hitting more than 10 million monthly video views. On YouTube, the average MTP full episode reached more than 772,000 views and 633,000 viewers for the month of January.

Last week, MTP reached more than 2.6 million video views and 320,000 hours watched across digital platforms.

This past Sunday’s full episode has currently reached more than 393,000 video views and 319,000 viewers. And, the full episode that aired last Sunday, April 17 saw 689,000 video views on YouTube and 559,000 viewers.

85 Consecutive Months as the #1 Most Watched Sunday Show in Washington, D.C.

MTP continues to dominate the influential Washington, D.C. market, winning in total viewers for 85 consecutive months.

Tune into MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” weekdays at 1 p.m. ET for more from moderator Chuck Todd, and follow the broadcast on Facebook and on Twitter for the latest.   



Show Name Net Duration (minutes)Total Viewers A25-54 Viewers 
THIS WEEKABC372,306466

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