Tops GMA in Key Demo Again for the Month of August

Owns 2 Longest Winning Streaks Ever in A25-54 Monthly Among Network Morning Shows

Wins 242 out of 244 Weeks in A25-54 and is #1 in Total Viewers Tuesday

Doubles Demo Lead Versus GMA Year-Over-Year

Posts Biggest Gains Amongst Morning Show Audiences

NEW YORK – Sep. 1, 2020 – NBC News’ TODAY was the number-one morning show for the month of August, topping ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the key A25-54 demo. TODAY has won every month for five years straight in the all-important demo most valued by advertisers, owning the two longest winning streaks ever in A25-54 monthly among all network morning shows. 

TODAY also won in the key demo last week and in total viewers Tuesday. Across the board, TODAY’s audience posted the biggest gains amongst morning shows. Additionally, TODAY more than doubled its lead versus GMA in A25-54 and narrowed the total viewer gap by 44% year-over-year. 


August 2020 (Monthly)

TODAY has been the #1 morning show for 60 consecutive months (since September 2015)

  • TODAY owns the longest A25-54 monthly winning streaks ever among the network morning shows
  • TODAY averaged 950,000 A25-54 viewers, +76,000 (+9%) higher than GMA and +365,0000 (+62%) more than CBS This Morning

TODAY has won 65 consecutive months among A18-49 viewers

  • TODAY averaged 675,000 A18-49 viewers, leading GMA by +103,000 (+18%) and CBS by +283,000 (+72%)
  • Compared to August 2019, TODAY more than doubled its A18-49 advantage over GMA (up +134%) 

TODAY averaged 3.196 million total viewers, leading CBS by +640,000 (+25%)

  • TODAY closed the total viewer gap vs. GMA by more than half compared to the same period last year (-76,000 vs. -159,000 in August 2019, a 52% reduction)

Week of August 24-30, 2020

TODAY averaged 983,000 A25-54 viewers, outperforming GMA by +80,000 (+9%) and CBS This Morning by +394,000 (+67%)

  • TODAY has now ranked #1 in A25-54 for 53 consecutive weeks (includes one tie) and 242 of the last 244 weeks
  • TODAY posted a three-week high in demo viewership and advantages over the competition
  • Compared to the same week last season, TODAY more than doubled its demo lead over GMA (up 135%) and increased its lead over CBS by 18%
  • TODAY added the most A25-54 viewers vs. prior week (+83,000, or +9%) while improving its demo lead over GMA by 3% and CBS by 21%  

TODAY averaged 710,000 A18-49 viewers, +116,000 (+20%) more than GMA and +318,000 (+81%) higher than CBS

  • TODAY has ranked #1 in A18-49 for 47 consecutive weeks and 111 the last 113 weeks
  • TODAY posted its highest A18-49 audience and biggest lead over CBS in 11 weeks and its best advantage over GMA in five weeks
  • Compared to the same week last season, TODAY’s A18-49 advantage over GMA rose by 61% and CBS by 27%
  • Week-over-week, TODAY’s A18-49 delivery increased by +67,000 (+10%), more than GMA and CBS’s gains combined. TODAY also raised its advantage over GMA by 6% and CBS by 24%  

TODAY averaged 3.247 million total viewers, trailing GMA by -99,000 (-3%) and leading CBS This Morning by +702,000 (+28%)

  • TODAY had its best total viewer delivery and advantage over CBS in three weeks
  • TODAY was the top-rated morning show in total viewers on Tuesday
  • Compared to the same week last season, TODAY reduced the total viewer gap vs. GMA by 44% 
  • Week-over-week, TODAY added +210,000 (+7%) to its total viewership, cut GMA’s lead by 39%, and widened its own advantage over CBS by 24% 

SEASON-TO-DATE (9/23/2019-8/30/2020)

TODAY ranks #1 among both A25-54 and A18-49 viewers

TODAY’s A18-49 lead over GMA has grown by 29% while its lead over CBS is up 2% compared to last season

  • Lead over GMA is +125,000 (vs. +97,000 last season)
  • Lead over CBS is +373,000 (vs. +364,000 last season)

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